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Jupitol EDM Fluid

Jupitol’s EDM Fluid is a unique product meant for electrolytic de burring operations with balanced proposition of a blend of alkylene glycols with tarnish inhibitors with anti-corrosive additives and anti-fungal additives. It is a light fluorescent greenish tinged yellow solution and it is a good electrolyte for de-burring operations. It keeps the machine and operational surfaces free from deposits owing to its cleansing property. The balanced additives incorporated in the electrolyte, protects the machine parts from corrosion and tarnishing problems besides protecting the jobs in operations from tarnishing. The fluid is fully organic compounds in nature and is bio-degradable in water and thus low probability for health hazard.

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Jupitol Lithex Ep 2 Grease


Jupitol Lithex EP-2 & EP-1Greases are of high temperature, extreme pressure grease fortified with anti-oxidant, EP and anti-rust properties These grease exhibit excellent storage and service stability with good stay in performance during its use at the lubricating surface.

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Jupitol Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil

JUPITOL FRHF (WG) is water glycol based Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid with high viscosity index fortified with anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam additives. The combination of polyglycol thickeners, anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives gives Jupitol FRHF (WG) lubricating property with other qualities like resistance to corrosion, extended equipment life, optimum performance at low temperatures. They are recommended for precision industrial equipments.

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Jupitol Flushing Oil

Jupitol Flushing Oil 22 is a aliphatic type high viscosity index mineral oil to remove the dust and carbon and other impurities and contaminants by simple circulation and flushing with its good washability and penetrating type action.

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Jupitol General Purpose Machinery Oils

 JUPITOL GP Machinery Oils are specially formulated oils to provide tackiness and film strength characteristics. They ensure the adhesion of tough oil film and help in reducing the power consumption, wear and maintenance costs. They have better tackiness and anti-scouring characteristics and are suitable to textile industry applications where they reduce the possibility of cloth staining during different stages of manufacturing. They conform to BIS 493:1983 (Amended).

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Jupitol Graphite Cutting Fluid

Jupitol Granocut NCL – 80 is a specialty developed neat type granite cutting oil specially fortified with select additives to enable efficient lubricity, wettability and non corrosive prolonged lubrication performance.


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